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FemBridge and North Carolina Healthcare Association Forge a Powerful Partnership to Revolutionize Maternal Care

FemBridge Press Release


Dec 14, 2023

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Dec. 14, 2023 - PRLog -- FemBridge, a leading innovator in maternal healthcare solutions, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with the North Carolina Healthcare Association (NCHA) to enhance access to maternal care and support from preconception through postpartum. This collaboration marks a significant step toward addressing Social Determinants of Health insecurities, Maternal Mortality and Morbidity, as well as promoting equitable access to care for all North Carolina residents.

The partnership between FemBridge and NCHA underscores a shared commitment to making a sustainable and meaningful impact on maternal health outcomes. With a focus on leveraging technology and innovative healthcare solutions, the collaboration aims to provide comprehensive, accessible, and personalized care throughout the journey of motherhood.

Key highlights of the partnership include:

  1. Digital Maternal Health Solutions: FemBridge, powered by HeraMED, brings state-of-the-art digital health solutions that allow expecting mothers to monitor their health from the comfort of their homes. This includes advanced monitoring devices, personalized clinical coaching, and a user-friendly platform that empowers women to actively participate in their prenatal and postnatal care.

  2. Community Outreach: Together with NCHA, FemBridge will initiate community outreach programs to educate and raise awareness about community and hospital-based solutions to support patients right where they live. These programs will focus on reaching underserved communities, providing essential information about prenatal care, maternal nutrition, and overall well-being.

  3. Training and Capacity Building: The partnership will also involve collaborative efforts in training healthcare professionals to effectively utilize digital tools, individualized support, and education in maternal care. Our mutual goal is to ensure that every expecting mother receives the highest quality of care, regardless of geographic or socioeconomic barriers.

  4. Data-Driven Insights: FemBridge powered by HeraMED and NCHA will work together to collect and analyze data to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities in maternal healthcare. This data-driven approach will enable the development of targeted interventions, ensuring that resources are directed where they are needed most.

"We are thrilled to join forces with the North Carolina Healthcare Association to address the critical challenges in maternal healthcare," said Traci Quillen and Maggie Huether, Co-Founders of FemBridge. "Our shared vision is to create a future where every mother in North Carolina has access to personalized and compassionate care. Together, we believe we can make a lasting impact on reducing maternal mortality and morbidity rates while promoting equity in healthcare."

Jody Fleming, President of NCHA Strategic Partners, added, "This partnership aligns with our mission to improve the health and well-being of all North Carolinians. By combining FemBridge's cutting-edge technology with our commitment to community health, we are poised to make a significant difference in the lives of mothers and their families across the state."

Through this partnership, FemBridge powered by HeraMED and NCHA are taking a bold step towards building a future where maternal care is not only technologically advanced but also universally accessible. The collaboration is a testament to their shared dedication to creating positive and lasting changes in maternal health outcomes in North Carolina.

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