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FemBridge and HeraMED Join Forces in Groundbreaking Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Maternal Healthcare

FemBridge Press Release


Dec 18, 2023

By: FemBridge

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Dec. 18, 2023 - PRLog -- FemBridge, an innovative maternal solutions organization committed to improving women's health, is pleased to announce the formalization of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with HeraMED, a pioneer in innovative maternal and fetal technology company.

This strategic partnership, meticulously developed over several months, represents a significant step towards delivering lasting improvements in maternal health, spanning from preconception through postpartum.

The collaboration between FemBridge and HeraMED signifies a shared commitment to advancing the field of maternal healthcare through groundbreaking innovations and collaborative initiatives. The combined expertise of both organizations will be harnessed to develop and implement solutions that address the comprehensive spectrum of maternal health needs.

"We are excited about the possibilities that this partnership holds for the future of maternal health," stated Traci Quillen and Maggie Huether, Co-Founders at FemBridge. "Our collective efforts aim to redefine the standard of care, providing holistic and personalized solutions for women at every stage of their reproductive journey."

This collaboration is poised to drive advancements in addressing Social Determinants of Health, personalized care through clinical coaching, technology, research, and patient care, with a focus on improving health outcomes for mothers and babies globally. By leveraging FemBridge's extensive experience in women's health alongside HeraMED's cutting-edge innovations, the partnership aims to contribute significantly to the long-term well-being of women and families.

"We are proud to align with FemBridge in this strategic partnership, which reflects our shared commitment to excellence in maternal health," said Keith Koby, President North America at HeraMED. "Together, we aspire to shape the future of healthcare for expectant mothers, setting new standards for quality and accessibility."

As both continue to forge this collaborative journey, they anticipate a positive and transformative impact on the maternal health landscape. The partners are dedicated to maintaining transparency and fostering open communication as they work towards shared goals.

Stay tuned for further updates as FemBridge and HeraMED collectively strive to enhance maternal health outcomes, ushering in a new era of innovation and care for women worldwide.

About FemBridge: Our primary mission is to reshape the maternal healthcare landscape by removing obstacles and ensuring that healthcare is regarded as a fundamental right rather than a privilege. We are more than an organization; we embody a movement with a vision to revolutionize health and resource access making it more inclusive and centered around the needs of individuals. Our solutions incorporate custom social determinants of health (SDOH) assessments, the facilitation of virtual monitoring for maternal and fetal health from the comfort of one's home, the provision of personalized clinical coaching and behavioral health resources. All these initiatives are aimed at the ultimate goal of eliminating health disparities and improving outcomes for both mothers and their families. Our mission is dedicated to advancing well-being and quality of life, with the ultimate vision to create a future where women's healthcare inequalities become a thing of the past.

About HeraMED: HeraMED Limited is an innovative medical data and technology company leading the digital transformation of the prenatal and postpartum experience through its revolutionary remote monitoring and hybrid maternity care platform. HeraMED's state of the art in-home fetal and maternal heart rate monitor, HeraBEAT, is medically accurate, scientifically optimized and smartphone based. It provides seamless data sharing of maternal and fetal vital signs with medical professionals via the company's platform HeraCARE. HeraCARE is a complete remote maternity care platform designed to power personalized, safe, proactive care for both patients and providers. The hybrid care model made possible by HeraCARE makes remote monitoring of vital signs including blood pressure, weight, FHR, mood, and more possible. Patients and providers experience action-driven alerts when any measurement falls outside 'normal' range. Plus, patients have 24/7 access to comprehensive educational content, lifestyle guidance, pregnancy management tools, and support. HeraMED's technology has been recognized by major medical institutions, with collaborations underway with the Mayo Clinic and other leading international hospitals. Through its partnerships and investment in R&D, HeraMED continues to optimize and develop the next generation of its home-oriented monitoring technology.

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