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FemBridge: Maternal Well-being with Equitable Healthcare Solutions

FemBridge Press Release

Healthcare Tech Outlook

Jun 18, 2024

FemBridge, a women-owned healthcare solutions

company, focused on women's health founded by Traci

Quillen and Maggie Huether, aims to transform women’s

healthcare by bridging the significant long-standing gaps in

the sector.

An area of significant focus for the organization

is improving maternal access to health care and social support.

With rich backgrounds in healthcare technology and consulting,

Quillen and Huether have set their sights on dismantling the barriers

to accessible and equitable healthcare solutions, particularly for

underserved communities. The driving force behind FemBridge’s

inception to services. Motivated by these firsthand observations,

Quillen and Huether set out on a mission to create a more inclusive

and comprehensive approach to maternal healthcare.

FemBridge offers a holistic care model that supports women throughout

their maternal journey by developing innovative programs that

encompass social drivers of health assessments, one-on-one clinical

coaching, virtual doula services, and mental health assessments,

therapy, and treatment.

Providing equitable access to maternal care remains formidable, especially for rural and economically disadvantaged populations. The U.S. is witnessing a disturbing trend with the increasing closures of birthing units and the exodus of obstetric

providers, exacerbating the strain on the healthcare system, and

reducing access to vital care services.

In response to these challenges, FemBridge strategically

partners with healthcare providers, payers, and brokers to create

programs and solutions that transcend the traditional boundaries

of healthcare delivery. By extending the reach of maternal care

to those in need, they address the immediate needs of these

communities and lays the groundwork for a more resilient and

inclusive healthcare system.

Quillen emphasizes, “We steer away from standardized

approaches, as we know that each pregnancy is unique.”

FemBridge partners with healthcare providers and offers them an

all-encompassing solution that addresses social as well as physical

and mental health areas of patient care. The company customizes

social risk surveys to identify and address specific determinants of

health insecurities, including housing, food, and transportation to

name a few.

Upon identification of an insecurity(s), patients are

immediately connected with pertinent resources through

collaboration with community-based organizations.

FemBridge proactively addresses the digital divide, which

often impacts the most vulnerable groups. By providing access to

essential technology like cell phones, tablets, and internet to those

without access, the company ensures that virtual care—a critical link in the continuum

of maternal healthcare— is within everyone’s reach.

As a National WIC Association Partner,FemBridge can help connect individuals

to their local WIC programs, which offersvaluable resources for mothers and their

infants and children. FemBridge streamlines the healthcare

experience by providing a single app that consolidates all their services, saving

providers and patients the hassle of using multiple platforms. The app is designed with

the user’s individual pregnancy journey in mind, offering educational content that can

be tailored to reflect each provider’s program.

Equipped with a built-in search feature, patients can easily find

solutions to specific inquiries within the app’s extensive library. In

addition, each patient is paired with a dedicated FemBridge nurse

RN, who has completed motivational coaching and respectful

maternal care training.

“We prioritize respectful and inclusive interactions, ensuring

that every member of the FemBridge team, embraces each

patient’s individuality, ethnicity, and cultural background,” adds

Huether. The nurses engage in one-on-one conversations with

patients, ensuring continuity of care throughout their journey.

Virtual meetings are arranged weekly to monthly, based on

directives provided by the patient’s physician and tailored to

accommodate the patient’s specific care plan. By using Bluetooth-

enabled devices, vital signs like blood pressure, weight, and

glucose levels can also be tracked, shared with the patient’s

provider and compliance reviewed during virtual clinical coaching

appointments. During these sessions, FemBridge nurses also

focus on health literacy, around as to pregnancy and postpartum

related conditions, warning signs, symptom s assessments and

screen and flag for perinatal mood disorders thus providing the

highest level of proactive care.

FemBridge supports a healthy

pregnancy, focusing on full-term deliveries and reducing NICU


They prioritize mental health screenings throughout

the pregnancy and postpartum journey, conducting regular

assessments to ensure its patients’ well-being. Developing a

trusting relationship with the assigned nurse enables a patient

to discuss their mental health issues. The company’s innovative

technology platform allows them to engage with virtual mental

health providers for prompt assessments, therapy sessions, and

medication management.

Following delivery, FemBridge stays committed to its patients’

well-being by continuing to support patients for up

to 12 months postpartum. The firm FemBridge

also facilitates connection with primary care physicians for those who have not previously used those services. They initiate this process during pregnancy, recognizing

the potential delay in securing primary care appointments. Patients are usually

scheduled for a primary care appointment around 12 weeks after giving birth.

Through their collaboration with healthcare providers, systems, and payers,

FemBridge endeavors to achieve long-term, sustainable change in maternal and

postpartum care nationwide. FemBridge supports payers and reduces healthcare

costs by developing value- based or risk-sharing agreements.

Embracing engagement between payers and healthcare providers fosters a unified approach to improving maternal and postpartum care.

Quillen’s journey as a mother throughout her three challenging,

high-risk pregnancies imbues FemBridge’s approach to maternal

and postpartum care philosophy with a deep-lying personal

touch. This perspective, along with collaboration with seasoned

clinical advisors specializing in women’s health, strengthens the

firm’s commitment to delivering exceptional care standards.

FemBridge is reshaping maternal and women’s healthcare

through groundbreaking solutions. We don't merely provide

answers; we confront challenges head-on, addressing everything

from social determinants of health in a unique and personalized

way to offering virtual support throughout the entire pregnancy

and postpartum journey.

Our mission is clear: to dismantle barriers, uplift women, and save lives. This isn't just about healthcare; it's about driving real transformation. By tackling the toughest

obstacles in maternal and women’s health, including systemic disparities and emotional well-being, we're forging a path toward a future where every woman receives the comprehensive care and support she deserves. With FemBridge, we're not just

revolutionizing maternal healthcare; we're redefining the very

essence of motherhood.

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